Soft jersey midi dress with side slits, perfect for ANYTHING.

- Midi length T-Shirt Dress w/ side slits
- Print by Francine Dressler
- Column shape in soft jersey
- 95% cotton, 5% spandex 
- Models are wearing a size Small and XX-Large

A note from Rachel...

I first fell in love with Francine Dressler in my Grandma Ann's bathroom in Fort Lee, NJ. Grandma Ann's powder room (since redone) was all black, ivory and gold. Peeing in there felt like being in a glamorous panthers den, it was heaven. There was just one 'pop of color' in the den and it was in a piece of art hanging on the wall adjacent to the shiny black toilet ('shitter', for those of you reading this on the upper east side). The piece was a Francine Dressler, titled 'I'll Be Wearing a Red Carnation'. It was mostly black and white, with naked (naked!) women in rows, smiling big. One of every few women was sporting a red carnation just above her boobs. At the bottom was a signature: 'Francine Dressler, November 11th, 1979'. Jack and I loved it so much. When we were young, the boobs were hilarious. As we got older, we started to appreciate it as a true Grandma Ann talisman, the heart of the panther if you will. We began wishing each other a 'Happy Francine Dressler Day' every November 11th (this is still in my calendar). 

When we shot our first video for the line, Best Friends, I asked Grandma Ann if I could borrow the Dressler for the set. Taking it off the wall felt almost irreverent, like removing a torah from the ark at the wrong time. 
One day, some months after we released the video, I got an email from Madelyn Somers saying something to the effect of "holy shit, I just watched your Best Friends video and saw a piece of my mom's art." MY MOM'S ART! And that is how I came to know the spectacular, real life Francine Dressler. We met, she was (is) heaven and she allowed me to use her spectacular work as a print. We originally did Dressler print for Spring 2014 and I am so hugely excited that we are re-running it now. We hope you like it! Grandma Ann thinks it's sublime.
BUST 32 1/2" 34 1/2" 36 1/2" 38 1/2" 41 1/2" 44 1/2"
WAIST 33" 35" 37" 39" 42" 45"
LENGTH 46" 46 1/2" 47" 47 1/2" 48" 49"

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