paola velez's toast panna cotta recipe

February 22, 2022

Toast is nothing if not comforting: it’s ubiquitous, low-lift, a great wingman to eggs. In fuck/marry/kill, toast is always marry. We love toast—but we also feel like sometimes toast deserves to feel fuckable, too. Enter Paola Velez, Esquire Pastry Chef of the Year, James Beard Foundation finalist, and co-founder of Bakers Against Racism. Watch Velez (in the Peri dress, in Sliced Bread, obviously) perform the breakfast version of a romcom makeover, turning basic bread into a Maillard reaction minx. Hair: down. Glasses: off. Panna cotta: set. You’ll never look at a loaf the same way again.

Paola Velez's Toast Panna Cotta Recipe

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