We all need clothes. Clothing protects us from both the elements and from public indecency charges, and allows us to express our personalities and preferences, to boot. And yet, “fashion” is so often a shorthand for gatekeeping, body shaming, and overconsumption.

Rachel Antonoff aims to reclaim the art of getting dressed. With thoughtful design, inclusive sizing, and a stringent code of ethics, every garment is more than just a way to avoid a sunburn and a misdemeanor: It’s ready-to-wear that’s actually ready to wear. Saturated colors and elevated-irreverent prints go from day to night to morning-after. Our pieces are constructed to withstand actual activity, including but not limited to sitting, dancing, and undressing with abandon. Wear us to meet your partner’s mom, and to leave an upper decker in the guest bathroom if she sucks. Wear us to the office and to the pillow fort you’re using as a home office. Keep us in your closet because someone absolutely smashed your heart to smithereens in us, but you can’t bear to let us go just yet. We make clothes for your most told stories, your fondest memories, and your closest community. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.