Ethical Policy

Rachel Antonoff was founded and built on a foundation of equality and inclusivity. Ethical practices are woven into the DNA of our company and will always be paramount. We have created this Ethical Trade Policy based on the ETI Base Code. We have put these principles in place to ensure a fair, safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

Employment is freely chosen.
            Slave labor is completely and utterly unacceptable and ALL steps will be taken to make sure this is prevented. Our warehouses and suppliers will be closely monitored to ensure that all employees are working freely and of their own volition. If we are made aware that anyone we work with is violating this, we will take swift action to stop it immediately.

Child labor will not be tolerated.
            No child under the legal working age will be hired.

Respect and equality
           No employee shall be discriminated against in terms of treatment, hiring, training, promotion and/or compensation due to their gender, race, religion, age, political affiliation, physically disability, or sexual orientation.

             Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated at Rachel Antonoff.

 Working Conditions
            All Rachel Antonoff production factories and facilities will be maintained and monitored to make certain that employees are working under safe conditions. Employees will receive regular breaks each shift and will not work an extended amount of overtime hours per week. Regular employment will be provided and employees will not be deprived of work and/or compensation.

            All employees will receive a living wage that meets the legal standards in their country.

Freedom of Association
            Employees have Freedom of Association and will not be discriminated against for any of their affiliations. Employees hold the right to join any trade union they wish.

            We will be transparent with our customers. Rachel Antonoff will request and expect transparency from our manufacturers as well, to ensure that all products are being made ethically and all employees treated with dignity and respect.

            We are committed to holding ourselves, as well as partnering facilities, accountable for all actions in regards to the rules and regulations listed in this Ethical Trade Policy.