Rachel Antonoff X WallPops

For years–nay, centuries–we’ve been fielding questions about your walls. “When will you be releasing items for my walls?” you ask. “I pinned a dress above my dining room but then it fell down. Who do I email about this?” At last, we’re positively cheesed to offer you some answers. Rachel Antonoff x WallPops is our newest collab: chic, unique peel ‘n’ stick wallpapers for every room in your home.

What is the Rachel Antonoff x WallPops Collaboration?

Between our passion for elevated-irreverent prints and WallPops’ mission to make interior design exciting and accessible, a collaborative collection seemed like a no-brainer. Many of our prints play with the boundaries between fashion and interior design; we’ve bedecked our textiles with trompe l’oeil wallpaper, so why not deck the halls with patterns pulled from our favorite ready-to-wear? Thus, we teamed up to create a collection of renter-friendly, reusable wallpapers in our most popular prints.

Paper your pied-à-terre in pasta. Stare at our toiles on the toilet. Brighten your kitchen with a bevy of tinned sardines.

Details of the Collection

Iconic Prints Reimagined for Walls

We’re exciting to bring new life to some of our classic bespoke prints, in both fan-favorite and all-new colorways.In this collection, you’ll find our Squash Blossom print in black; Worst in Show (inspired by our Best in Show toile) in both orange and black; The Chase (inspired by our Manhunt toile) in green, pink, black and blue; the best-selling Pasta print in both black and white; and our Sardine Tin print in cream and blue.

Design and Inspiration

We wanted each piece to be playful, clever, and occasionally a little deranged–all without sacrificing the home design equivalent of wearability. We hope to paper the bedroom where you blast your favorite music and moodily scrawl in your journal, the bathroom where you hide from your family, and the den where you watch your favorite bad TV. We want this collection to bring a spark of the unexpected to the places you feel most yourself.

Shop The Collab

The full Rachel Antonoff x WallPops collection is now available exclusively on WallPops' website!

Shop now and – we beg of you –show us your home transformation pics (#RAxWallpops) so we can share your excitement. Bonus points if your outfit matches your walls!